About us


A journey towards preserving the years-old generation legacy of Handloom. 

Since its inception in 2005, Insha Creations NX has always aimed at reviving the unique heritage of Indian Handloom for the next generations. 

As a celebration of our cultures, we envision creating designs that enable Indians worldwide to embrace their roots.

At Insha Creations NX, we ensure that the technology and platform are modern and contemporary, but the designs and products are indigenous and traditional as they can be to cherish the heritage & craftsmanship of talented Indian artisans.


With a vision to restore artisans' pride in their exquisite craftsmanship and preserve it for generations to come, Sohel Makani began his journey in 2007 in the city of Mumbai, where he focused on creating a fusion of elegance and comfort with the exquisite Chikankari fabric.

Handcrafted with soft fabrics and subtle details, Insha Creations caters to women of every age. By creating all-inclusive pieces with timeless elegance and flowy silhouettes, we strive to inspire every woman to embrace their cultural heritage.

Discover & indulge in the joy of ethnic Indian fashion with fabrics that exude elegance